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PTMS magnetic separator lubrication system
Time: Oct 30,2022

water cooling electromagnetic separator for Quartz

PTMS magnetic separator lubrication system: when the magnetic separator is in use, the reducer oil level should be added to the oil level line. After normal production period, the reducer oil level can be regularly checked. When the oil level is lower than the requirements, the corresponding mechanical oil can be timely supplemented. The lubricating oil selected must conform to the specified grade, and the performance of the substituted oil shall not be lower than the technical performance of the oil specified herein.

PTMS magnetic separator

Keep grease clean, use professional containers for oil, avoid open storage, and storage temperature should not exceed the specified storage temperature of lubricating oil. PTMS magnetic separator before oil injection, it is necessary to clean the oil nozzle, weak oil hole blockage should be handled in time.

what is magnetic separation?

PTMS magnetic separator lubrication requirements for each part: Lubrication oil lubrication points lubrication way of gas, oil change period swivel main bearing 4 concentrated 00 reducer gear oil (gas) a month size 1 00 concentrated reducer oil (gas) a month 1 oil-bath gear reducer VG220 six months (in oil) pulsating stroke box 70 # 1 oil bath gear oil (oil change) six months sprocket, chain 2 on 2 # lithium base grease a month

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