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PTMS magnetic separator process of ilmenite carrier metal ore
Time: Sep 10,2023

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

The carrier flotation of ilmenite is the flotation of micro-fine ilmenite with floating minerals as the carrier. This method still has problems in the dosage of the agent, so it has not been applied in actual production.

The metal ore process is about: pre-screening - crushing - screening - grinding - classification - PTMS magnetic separator (heavy magnetic flotation and other separation methods or combined use) - dehydration (precipitation - filtration).

PTMS magnetic separation

The coal mine process is about: crushing -- screening -- PTMS magnetic separator (particle size greater than 0.5mm) -- flotation (particle size less than 0.5mm) -- dehydration. Because most of the rare metals are oxidized ores, the raw ore grade is low, and the symbiosis phenomenon is serious, so the mineral processing process of different rare metals is also relatively different. Heavy, magnetic, floating, electric, and chemical beneficiation are all likely to be used (and in many cases in combination) during the separation process.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar?

PTMS magnetic separator: Rare earth minerals except iron are mainly rare earth minerals and earth minerals, earth minerals have always existed in the form of minerals, rare earth minerals have always existed in the form of ions inside the mineral lattice, and are also necessary components to form minerals. The presence of both components is called rare earth minerals.

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