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PTMS magnetic separator provides easy vertical installation and iron removal
Time: Mar 24,2023

eriz magnetic separator

Pipeline PTMS magnetic separator chain. It has 12A and 24A chains in the process of use, which are customized according to the needs of users and our needs in the process of use. The pipeline series uses high-performance Nd-Fe-B magnetic material as magnetic source, which has high temperature resistance, stable performance and is not easy to demagnetize. Unique magnetic circuit design, double magnetic pole structure, so that the material through the magnetic field field intensity greatly deepened, suction is 2-3 times of the ordinary pipe iron removal.

PTMS magnetic separation

The pipe is fully sealed, and the PTMS magnetic separator is installed externally to avoid damage to the iron separator during long-term use. Small size, light weight, vertical installation, iron removal is convenient. When the pneumatic drill is removed in the construction process, it should be handled with care. During the construction of anchor cable, the operation should be stopped when the belt stops running during daily maintenance. The belt maintenance should be pulled to zero and guarded by special personnel. Anchor cable installation technique Preparation of iron remover - drilling, loading of cartridge and installation of anchor cable.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore ?

PTMS magnetic separator is suitable for iron removal of powder, granular and bulk materials in cement, building materials, chemical, coal, grain, plastics, refractory and other industries. It can be connected to the conveying pipe for vertical installation. Can be designed according to the user site.

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