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PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR structure does not affect production and increase equipment maintenance costs
Time: Feb 20,2024

Silica Sand Processing Line

The appropriate particle size of the ground product depends on the beneficiation method, and we also need to determine the MAGNETIC separation particle requirements of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR through experiments. The magnetic separator is mainly composed of six parts: cylinder, roller, brush roller, magnetic system, slot body and transmission part. The cylinder is made of 3-4mm stainless steel coil welded into a cylinder, the end cover is cast aluminum parts or workpieces, and the cylinder is connected with stainless steel screws.


The motor drives the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR cylinder, magnetic roller and brush roller to rotate through the reducer or directly with the stepless speed regulating motor. The magnetic system is an open magnetic system, mounted in a cylinder and exposed full magnetic system. The magnetic block is mounted on the bottom plate of the magnetic yoke with a stainless steel bolt, the shaft of the magnetic yoke extends out of the cylinder, and the shaft end is fixed with a crank arm. The swing arm can adjust the magnetic system deflection Angle, and can be fixed with a pull rod after proper adjustment.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

The working area of the tank body is made of stainless steel plate, and the rest of the frame and tank body are welded with ordinary steel. Because PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR shell is made of 3-4mm thick stainless steel coil welding. If there is no protective layer (also known as wear-resistant layer) on the surface of the shell, it will wear through for a short time and cannot be used. It not only affects production but also increases equipment maintenance costs.

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