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PTMS magnetic separator Working sequence of the magnetic dewatering tank
Time: Sep 24,2023

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

The magnetic separation equipment is divided into dry type and wet type according to the processing of pulp or dry ore. Dry equipment generally deals with coarse or large materials, and wet equipment deals with fine and micro-fine materials. According to PTMS magnetic separator, there are two types: permanent magnet and electromagnetic.


PTMS magnetic separator: The working sequence of the magnetic dewatering tank. The slurry is fed from the feeding pipe along the tangential direction to the coalesce circle. The slurry is rotated downward and evenly distributed above the magnetic tower. Under the combined action of magnetic force and gravity, the magnetic ore particle overcomes the impulse of the rising water flow and settles to the bottom of the conical tank body in the flat bottom, forming the washed sand and discharging from the ore outlet. Under the action of rising water, the non-magnetic fine grained gangue and slime overcome the action of gravity and enter the overflow trough with the rising water and become tailings.

what is magnetic separation?

The magnetic dewatering tank is mainly used to remove fine gangue and slime, and sometimes it is also used for concentrated dehydration. It is simple, inexpensive and has no moving parts. PTMS magnetic separator does not consume electrical energy, so it is widely used in the magnetic separation of strong magnetic minerals.

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