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Pulp is continuously fed into PTMS magnetic separator to form a continuous separation process
Time: Sep 27,2023

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

After the pulp enters the PTMS magnetic separator tank, it enters the mining area in a loose suspension state under the action of the water emitted by the dispersion pipe. The magnetic ore particles are attracted to the surface of the cylinder under the action of the magnetic field and rotate with the cylinder. When it leaves the magnetic system, the strength of the magnetic field is greatly reduced, and a flushing pipe is provided here to flush the magnetic ore particles into the concentrate tank.


Under the action of slurry flow in the bottom box, the non-magnetic ore particles or the ore particles with weak magnetism flow from the tailings weir plate into the tailings pipe. The pulp is continuously fed into PTMS magnetic separator, and the concentrate and tailings are continuously discharged, forming a continuous separation process. This magnetic separators are often used to deal with fine-grained impregnated magnetite ores.

what is magnetic separation method in hindi?

The electrical properties of minerals can be described in terms of dielectric constant, resistance, specific conductivity and rectification. Generally speaking, minerals with small dielectric constant, large resistance and high specific conductivity are not easy to conduct electricity, and are often produced as non-conducting minerals in PTMS magnetic separator. In contrast, minerals with large dielectric constant, small resistance, and low specific conductivity tend to conduct electricity easily, and are often produced as conductor minerals in electrical selection.

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