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The main equipment commonly used to remove impurities from aluminum ore is spiral PTMS magnetic separator
Time: Sep 17,2023

Silica Sand Processing Line

For aluminum ores containing clay-like impurities, the method and equipment of ore washing can be considered to remove the impurities. The commonly used equipment is mainly spiral PTMS magnetic separator. The effect of the spiral magnetic separators on the ore washing of this kind of minerals is remarkable, and the soil content of the aluminum ore after washing is very low, which can fully meet the expected requirements.


Removal of associated gangue by PTMS magnetic separator In the case of obvious associated gangue in aluminum ore, it is necessary to consider the removal of impurities by means of beneficiation. Most of the aluminum ores have obvious boundary with the associated gangue, and the monomer dissociation can be achieved through the action of crushing, and there is a significant difference in specific gravity between the aluminum ores and the associated gangue, so the method of gravity separation can be investigated to remove the associated gangue.

what is magnetic separation in science?

According to the different magnetic properties of various minerals, PTMS magnetic separator is subjected to different forces in the magnetic field to achieve the purpose of mineral separation. When the mineral particle mixture passes the magnetic field of the magnetic separators, because the magnetic properties of the mineral particles are different, they move in different ways under the action of the magnetic field.

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