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Slurry concentration is one of the main factors affecting the effect of PTMS magnetic separator
Time: Sep 06,2023

Quartz Processing line 

Pulp concentration is one of the main factors affecting the effect of PTMS magnetic separator, which mainly refers to the overflow concentration of classifier. If the concentration of pulp is too large, resulting in too high concentration of separation, it will seriously affect the quality of concentrate. Because at this time, the concentrate particles are easy to be covered and wrapped by finer gangue particles, and the grade is reduced.


If the slurry concentration is too small, the sorting concentration is too low, and it will cause the flow rate to increase and the specific pair to shorten, so that some fine magnetic particles that should have the opportunity to come up will fall into the tailings and increase the tailings grade, resulting in loss. Therefore, the pulp concentration should be adjusted as needed. The adjustment at PTMS magnetic separator is mainly based on the size of the water blown to the mine, but the most important thing is that the fractional overflow concentration must be completed according to the magnetic separation requirements.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

The maximum slurry concentration can not exceed 35%, generally controlled at about 30%, to be determined according to the actual situation. PTMS magnetic separator must meet the following conditions: f3 >f2> f4, where f3 and f4 are the magnetic forces acting on ore particles with strong magnetic properties and weak magnetic properties, respectively.

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