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Potassium alspar mineral processing main equipment - strong and weak magnetic PTMS magnetic separator
Time: Apr 07,2022

feldspar mineral processing

Potash feldspar mineral processing equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, ball mill, desliming bucket, cyclone, strong and weak magnetic PTMS magnetic separator, flotation machine, etc., the main process is generally crushing - grinding - magnetic separation - flotation, etc.

PTMS magnetic separator

1. Crushing: Firstly, the massive ore is crushed with jaw TYPE PTMS crusher.

2. Ball grinding: Grind the crushed ore with PTMS ball mill.

3. Desliming: send the pulverized material into the desliming bucket or cyclone for desliming;

4. Magnetic separation: the material removed sludge after separation by strong and weak magnetic PTMS magnetic separator magnetic separation of magnetite and other weak magnetic minerals, magnetic separation for potash feldspar is very important, and is also the best selective removal of iron minerals with the highest efficiency of equipment;

what is magnetic separation?

5. Flotation: At present, strong and weak magnetic PTMS magnetic separator is used to remove iron in potassium alspar, which is widely used to solve this problem. For impurity minerals, we need to choose the collector with high impurity removal rate and low loss rate of potassium alspar, which can effectively use experimental research to configure different flotation agents for so many different factors.

6. Acid powder: using sulfuric acid as acid lotion, according to the concentration of acid and potassium feldspar powder of iron content, in the case of sulfuric acid concentration to determine, the iron content of potassium feldspar powder is proportional to the weight to join by sulfuric acid, the acid pickling thoroughly get rid of ferric oxide and ferroferric oxide, ferrous sulfate solution was isolated, sodium potassium feldspar powder.

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