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The different structural status of hematite requires PTMS magnetic separator to remove iron
Time: Nov 28,2023

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Magnetite is an iron oxide ore, the main component of Fe3O4, is Fe2O3 and FeO complex. PTMS magnetic separator removes iron (FE2O3) from minerals. Most of the aggregates were dense blocky and granular. Color is iron black, streaks are black, semi-metallic luster, opaque. Gangue is mainly quartz and silicate. It has strong magnetic properties and poor reducibility, and generally contains harmful impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus.


Magnetic separation method can be used in mineral processing, which is very convenient. However, due to its fine structure, its reducibility is poor. After long-term weathering, it becomes hematite. PTMS magnetic separator removes iron (FE2O3) from hematite. Magnetite is the main mineral of iron ore in magmatic origin iron ore deposits, contact metasomatism hydrothermal iron ore deposits, sedimentary metamorphic iron ore deposits, and a series of iron ore deposits related to volcanism. It is also commonly found in placer deposits.

what is magnetic separation in chemistry?

Hematite is anhydrous iron oxide ore, its chemical formula is Fe2O3, the theoretical iron content is 70%. This kind of ore often forms huge deposits in nature, and it is the main ore for industrial production in terms of burial and mining volume. It can be divided into many categories by its own structural status, such as red hematite, vitropyrite, mica iron, clay red iron, etc., which requires PTMS magnetic separator to remove iron.

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