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The magnetic field strength of PTMS magnetic separator selected by ilmenite ore type is also different
Time: Sep 08,2023

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

According to the PTMS magnetic separator method of ilmenite, ilmenite has weak magnetism, and its specific magnetization coefficient and density are higher than that of its gangue minerals. Under a certain magnetic field intensity, gangue minerals and some fine minerals containing iron silicate in ilmenite can easily enter the tailings. Therefore, high intensity magnetic separation can effectively separate ilmenite from gangue minerals.


Depending on the type of ilmenite ore, the magnetic field intensity selected by PTMS magnetic separator is also different. For vanadium-titanium-magnetite type ores, some of the highly magnetic ilmenite ores can be selected by using magnetic separators. For ilmenite with weak magnetism, strong magnetic separators can be used; The high-gradient PTMS magnetic separator can be used as the separation equipment when sweeping and recovering ilmenite in the classification overflow.

what is magnetic separation in chemistry ?

For placer type ilmenite, it is often necessary to first use a weak magnetic field PTMS magnetic separator to remove the magnetite, and then select the appropriate magnetic field intensity according to the magnetic properties of ilmenite. Ilmenite flotation method Flotation method is mainly used for primary titanium ore and fine grade ilmenite separation, and can be subdivided into conventional flotation, flocculation flotation, agglomerated flotation, carrier flotation and so on.

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