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The main factors affecting the PTMS magnetic separator index
Time: May 29,2023

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The main factors influencing the index of PTMS magnetic separator are the thickness of feeding layer (feeding amount), magnetic field intensity and working gap, and feeding velocity. The thickness of the feeding layer. It is related to the particle size of the raw material being treated and the content of magnetic particles. The feeding layer of coarse particles is generally thicker than that of fine particles. When treating coarse-grained ore, the thickness of the ore layer is about 1.5 times that of the particle.

PTMS magnetic separation

PTMS magnetic separator processes medium and fine particles with a thickness of up to 4 times and up to 10 particles. When the magnetic material content in raw materials is not high, the mineral layer should be thinner. If the thickness is too thick, the magnetic particles in the lower layer are subjected to the pressure of the upper material, the magnetic suction can not rise and cause the recovery rate to decline. When the content of magnetic particles is high, the feeding layer can be thicker.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar?

PTMS magnetic separator PTMS Magnetic separator It is closely related to the particle size, magnetic level and operation requirements of the material to be treated. When the working gap is certain, the magnetic field intensity between the magnetic field is determined by the number of ampere-turns of the coil, the number of turns can not be adjusted, only by changing the size of the excitation current to adjust the magnetic field intensity.

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