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The main measure to reduce the dielectric loss of magnetite is to use good PTMS magnetic separator
Time: Jun 07,2023

water cooling electromagnetic separator for Quartz

Heavy medium powder manufacturers understand that the main measure to reduce the dielectric loss of magnet powder is to use good PTMS magnetic separator, its role is:

To maximize the recovery of the heavy medium powder entering PTMS magnetic separator, the magnetic separation concentrate recycling, effective use of iron ore resources, reduce costs, on the other hand, the loss of magnetic mineral powder in the magnetic separation tailings will affect the coal preparation plant slime water treatment system, increase the wear of equipment and pipelines.

PTMS magnetic separator

The magnetic powder suspension is purified, the coal slime gathered in the qualified circulating medium is removed, so as to avoid changing the rheological characteristics of the suspension flow due to excessive coal slime, reduce the viscosity of the suspension, reduce the motion negative force of the particles in the magnetic powder cyclone according to the density, and improve the separation effect of PTMS magnetic separator.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

One case is that the recovery rate of magnetic components decreases, mainly because the particle size of these magnetic particles is too fine, and the magnetic force is not enough to overcome the competitiveness of fluid resistance; Another situation leads to a decline in the grade of magnetic products, mostly because of the strong interaction between particles. The finer the particle size and the higher the slurry concentration, the more obvious the PTMS magnetic separator is.

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