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The particle requirements for minerals in the PTMS Electromagnetic Separator process
Time: Feb 19,2024

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator process has certain requirements on the particle size of minerals, and each mechanical equipment cannot fully adapt to the different particle sizes of minerals. In practice, the magnetic separator has a certain range of requirements for coarse, medium and fine particles. And the magnetic separation effect on these different particles is also different,


In order to better achieve the magnetic separation range suitable for PTMS Electromagnetic Separator, we must require the grinding work of particles. In the grinding work, we must have a certain control range for the particle size to be ground. This is also in the grinding operation to pay attention to some details according to the required requirements, in order to be more suitable for the magnetic separation of the magnetic separator.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore ?

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator The PTMS electromagnetic separator is largely determined by the operation of the grinding operation. For example, the fineness of the ground product is not enough, and the monomer separation between the useful minerals is not sufficient, and the selection index is not good. However, if the grated particle size is too fine, too many particles are produced, which will also reduce the mineral processing index.

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