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The PTMS magnetic separator uses a mechanical structure with high strength and reliability
Time: May 22,2023

Magnetic separator

First, PTMS magnetic separator improves the structure of its magnetic system by using a new high-performance magnetic material, true ferromagnetic steel and premium silver ferrite materials. This not only improves the entire magnetic field distribution curve, but also enlarges the depth of the magnetic field. Thus, minerals with a particle size of 450 mm can be separated.

PTMS magnetic separation

Second, the PTMS magnetic separator uses a high-strength and high-reliability mechanical structure to ensure the normal operation of the drum in a variety of harsh environments. Finally, the permanent magnet drum device can adjust the circumference of the magnetic system on the drum at will. Even though it operates at different belt speeds, it locates large ores in volume, which AIDS in screening.

what is magnetic separation process ?

Therefore, PTMS magnetic separator can be widely used for waste rock recovery in concentrators, steel slag treatment in steel mills, raw material ironmaking in cement plants, power plants, coal, ports and building materials industries, as well as for the classification, reduction and re-combustion of raw ore that is not fully recovered in closed circuit combustion operations for hematite reduction.

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