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The size of the PTMS magnetic separator is related to the amount of electricity carried by the ore
Time: Sep 28,2023

Quartz Processing line 

The size of the PTMS magnetic separator is related to the amount of electricity carried by the ore. Because of its good conductivity, the conductor particle is easy to discharge in the electrode contact process, even if it starts to obtain more charge, eventually only a small amount of charge remains, the electric field force it is subjected to is very small, the above inequality conditions are easy to meet.


In order to satisfy the conditions on the left side of the inequality, the electric field force on the non-conducting ore particles must be increased. The combined electric field of electrostatic field and corona field can make the non-conducting ore particles carry more electric charge. At the same time, in order to improve the electric field strength, high voltage is used, so that the non-conducting ore particles are subjected to a large electric field force, which can overcome the competitiveness of gravity, centrifugal force, and achieve PTMS magnetic separator.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

The difference of mineral electricity is the internal cause of electrical separation, and in order to separate them, it is necessary to create appropriate external conditions. PTMS magnetic separator provides the appropriate electric field, plus the gravitational and centrifugal fields. In this way, in the process of magnetic separators, the electric field force, gravity, centrifugal force and friction force act together on the ore particle, and the resultant force of these forces determines the direction of the ore particle.

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