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Understand and master the various lubrication methods of automatic PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Time: Jun 11,2024

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

Regular inspection: The user shall regularly check the lubrication of the automatic PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR to ensure that all components are fully lubricated. For oil and grease lubrication, be attention to replace the oil or grease regularly. Cleaning and maintenance: Before lubrication, ensure that the equipment surface is clean to avoid impurities and dirt from entering the lubrication part. At the same time, in the lubrication process should pay attention to prevent oil pollution equipment and environment.


Moderate lubrication: Excessive or insufficient lubrication may cause damage to the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment. Therefore, the appropriate amount of lubrication should be controlled according to the equipment requirements and the type of lubricant. During lubrication, the user should be safe to avoid lubricating oil or grease splashing into the eyes or skin. Meanwhile, the equipment manufacturer's lubrication guidelines and safety operation procedures shall be followed.

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In short, understanding and mastering the various lubrication methods of automatic PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is important to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend the service life. By choosing the appropriate lubrication method and precautions, the user can better maintain and use the automatic iron absorber, improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

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