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Various methods combined with PTMS magnetic separator were applied to improve quartz sand grade and yield
Time: Jun 10,2022

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Quartz sand purification process mainly includes PTMS magnetic separator roughing, crushing, water quenching, grinding, classification, scrubbing, chemical acid leaching, flotation (with fluoride flotation and fluor-free flotation), gravity separation, magnetic separation and microbial leaching and other processes. In the actual production process, many methods are often used together to improve the grade and yield of quartz sand and make full use of resources.

PTMS magnetic separation

Quartz sand PTMS magnetic separator purification process principle: raw ore silica is washed by the washing machine to remove the silt, after the crusher is coarse broken, the qualified quartz material is put into the baking furnace, roasted at 850℃-980℃ temperature for 6 hours, after roasting, the quartz material is dragged into clean water for washing,

what is magnetic separation in science?

The quartz sand passed through the screen is sent to PTMS magnetic separator. After magnetic separation, the quartz sand is put into an acid tank equipped with HCl and HF mixed acid for soaking for a week, and then through flotation, dehydration, baking, cooling and packaging, high purity quartz sand is prepared.

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