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What are the important equipment required before PTMS magnetic separator process
Time: May 28,2023

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1. Jaw crushing: This is one of the main equipment in PTMS magnetic separator process. Its advantage is that the crushing ratio is large, which is an effective physical quantity characterizing whether the particle size of the crushing equipment is uniform.

2, hammer crushing: it can not only be used as a separate crushing equipment, but also can be used in the PTMS magnetic separator iron separation process, its technology content is very high, in the process mainly plays the role of secondary crushing materials, iron ore after it is broken, can be grinding operations.

PTMS magnetic separation

3. Ball mill: its main role in PTMS magnetic separator process is to grind iron ore. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the whole process, high quality, high specification and high performance ball mills are generally selected.

what is magnetic separation method?

4. PTMS magnetic separator: This is the core equipment of the process process, is also one of the important equipment to complete the iron selection process, in the process of choosing the equipment, it must be reasonable selection according to the actual situation, including the parameters of the equipment, model, specifications and other factors, only these factors and the entire production process highly match, then the effect of iron selection can achieve customer satisfaction.

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