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What are the most important factors affecting the effectiveness of PTMS magnetic separator
Time: Sep 05,2023

Silica Sand Processing Line

The most important factor affecting the effect of PTMS magnetic separator is the feed particle size. For most ores, the thickness of the feed particle indicates the separation degree of the ore monomer, that is, the separation degree of the magnetic ore particle and gangue particle. Therefore, it is required that the fed mineral must fully achieve monomer separation.


If the ore size is small, it indicates that the separation degree of mineral monomer is high, and satisfactory separation index can be obtained. If the granularity of the ore is relatively coarse, it indicates that the mineral is not fully dissociated, the separation of the monomer is not high, on the contrary, there are more connected bodies, that is, the magnetic particles and gangue are still a considerable part of the combination. Due to its considerable magnetic properties, a considerable part of the separation pairs can be selected to reduce the grade of the concentrate produced by PTMS magnetic separator.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore?

For the ore with coarse grain size, as long as the mineral and gangue have reached monomer separation, it is not necessarily too fine. Although such ores sometimes have coarse particle size, the PTMS magnetic separator quality is not low, the main reason is that the ore distribution particle size is coarse, grinding to a certain degree of useful minerals and gangue are separated.

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