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What are the PTMS magnetic separator processing processes of rare earth minerals
Time: Sep 11,2023

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

Radiation beneficiation: This method is mainly the use of rare earth minerals in the ore and gangue ore content is different to choose, this radiation beneficiation function will be rare earth minerals and gangue minerals separate, relatively simple and convenient is now the most used method in the selection of rare earth ore method.


Gravity beneficiation: This mineral processing method can be understood literally by the use of gravity, mainly with the density of rare earth minerals and gangue minerals to choose, for the gravity mineral processing method of the machine cone separator and spiral separator, ordinary ore density are relatively low rare earth ore compared to the density is relatively high, so in addition to mineral processing can also select rare earth concentrate, It is mostly used in the production of seaside mineral processing.

what is magnetic separation?

Magnetic separation: Because rare earths are weakly magnetic, the magnetic coefficient of common ore and rare earth ore is completely different, so the separation of rare earth ore and ordinary ore is based on the strength of different magnetic fields. This magnetic separation method can not only distinguish rare earth ore, basically most ores can use this method, and the strong magnetic separation can not separate monazite and quartz stone and minerals. Low intensity magnetic separation can separate ilmenite and monazite.

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