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what conditions to Check and adjust the tension of the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR belt according
Time: Jun 13,2024

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Observe the appearance of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR belt: first, observe whether there is wear, crack and other damage on the belt surface. In case of damage, replace the belt in time. Check the belt tension: use the wrench or screwdriver to gently press the middle of the belt to observe the degree of belt subsidence. Under normal circumstances, the belt subsidence amount should be within a certain range.


If the subsidence is too large, the belt tension is insufficient; if the subsidence is too small, the belt is too tight. Check the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR pulley: check whether the pulley is worn, deformed or loose. If there is anything, it should be replaced or adjusted in time. Check the tensioning device: check whether the tensioning device is in good condition and whether it works normally. If there is any problem, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

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In short, regular inspection of the tension of the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR belt is the key link to ensure the normal operation of the iron removal machine. By introducing the steps and precautions of the belt, I hope to help you to better check and adjust the belt tension of the iron removal machine.

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