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What is the reason for the fast bearing wear of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Time: Jun 09,2024

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In practical applications, many operation and maintenance personnel will find that the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR bearing wear speed is faster, which not only affects the normal operation of the equipment, but also increases the maintenance costs and the risk of production downtime. There are many reasons for the rapid wear of the iron machine bearings, including the design and manufacturing of the equipment itself, and the working environment and maintenance.


So, what is the reason for PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR bearing wear? Insufficient maintenance and maintenance: Regular cleaning, lubrication and tightening of the bearing is the key to maintain its good running condition. In the absence of regular maintenance and maintenance, the bearing will accumulate a lot of dirt and wear particles, resulting in faster wear speed.

what is magnetic separation?

In order to extend the service life of the bearing and improve the stability of the equipment, we should start from the above aspects to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment to ensure that the bearing runs under good working conditions. At the same time, the worn bearings should be replaced in time to avoid further aggravating the impact of wear on the whole equipment.

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