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What matters should be noted in the application process for PTMS magnetic separator
Time: Mar 07,2023

water cooling electromagnetic separator

The paper introduces some points for attention in the application of PTMS magnetic separator.

1, permanent magnet cylinder wall wear, if it is found that the glue falls off after serious wear, should be treated in time or re-hang glue.

2. If there is any debris such as iron in the box, it should be removed immediately after it is found.

3, motor, continuously variable transmission and permanent magnet cylinder bearing overheating, bearing temperature rise generally shall not exceed 35°C, the maximum shall not exceed 65°C.

PTMS magnetic separator

. The tension of the transmission belt should be appropriate.

5, belt wear, found to have serious wear, should choose the same length of the belt group replacement.

6. Whether there is enough lubrication grease at each lubrication point, whether the continuously variable speed oil level is normal, if found insufficient, it should be supplemented in time.

PTMS magnetic separator has a series of magnetic separators, such as dry, river sand, grain, limonite, fine powder, high magnetic separator and wet separator. PTMS magnetic separation equipment has excellent performance and easy maintenance, and is well received by users.

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Different PTMS magnetic separator have different capabilities. Do not expect the machine to go beyond its limits. Always overload operation is tantamount to killing the goose that lays the golden egg, not only can not really improve the working ability of magnetic separation machine, but will greatly affect the magnetic separation ability and mineral processing accuracy.

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