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Working principle and sorting process of PTMS Electromagnetic Separator in quartzite mine
Time: Nov 30,2023

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator Working principle and separation process is: When rising water is fed from the bottom of the tank, the water flows in a rotating state in the tank, and the pulp is fed into the tank through the feeding drum. The magnetic particles are magnetized by the internal magnetic system first, resulting in magnetic agglomeration and downward sedimentation. With the alternating change of the field strength from top to bottom, the magnetic particles also undergo alternating changes from agglomeration to loose agglomeration.


When aggregated, the particles will settle faster. When loosed, the impurities wrapped in the magnetic particles will be washed away by the rising current. The PTMS Electromagnetic Separator causes the magnetic objects to be elevated. The mass fraction of the slurry in the tank gradually increases from top to bottom, producing the effect of heavy media. Gangue and connected body float up with the rising current, and finally discharge from the overflow weir. Under the action of gravity, the magnetic masses overcome the effect of rising water, sink to the bottom of the trough, and finally discharge from the ore outlet.

what is magnetic separation in Quartz?

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator of quartzite ore: Magnetite quartzite belongs to the ore of sedimentary metamorphic deposit. At present, this type of ore is widely separated by magnetic separation at home and abroad. This type of ore plays an important role in iron resources and is the main object of magnetic separation.

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